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The Savvy Story

The Savvy Travels Story began almost by accident. I set out to explore the world, and after a two year adventure, somehow found myself creating a business to help others do the same.
It all started whilst I was at uni. I’d study through the year and spend my summer breaks escaping to upstate New York to work at a summer camp. I’d spend 6 weeks teaching sailing and water skiing and use any time left over to tour the rest of the US. These brief getaways always seemed to end far too soon and before I knew it, I'd be back home, stuck in another riveting lecture.
After a few more camps and road trips around America, I was ready to explore the rest of the world. I knew it all, or so I thought. I came back and relayed this enthusiasm to my parents, who, perhaps unsurprisingly, had a few more reservations than I did.
As preparation (…and a bit of a self-coping mechanism!) they assembled an odd assortment of travel items that, for reasons unknown, they deemed essential "because you never know what’s around the corner."
Although I truly doubted whether I needed a mosquito net that was solely for my head, I heeded their advice, packed my gear, and off I went.
Two incredible trips would see me climb mountains in the Andes, scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef and jostle my way through the manic streets of New Delhi. It was a lot. Such a long, eye-opening journey teaches you a lot about travel, the world, and most importantly, yourself. With my mosquito hat long discarded, I had managed to travel the world and come back in one piece, twice! I was as surprised as anyone else.
But believe it or not, I wasn’t always a Savvy Traveller. Though I hate to admit it, my parents might have had a bit of a point when it came to being prepared for the unexpected whilst travelling. Often things wouldn’t quite go to plan and I’d find myself in a situation that I couldn’t get out of, simply hoping for the best.
These experiences began to change the way I felt about carrying items that I might need if things went awry. What followed was an intense period of obsessively adding items to my own travel kit, constantly iterating and improving with the advice of all the amazing people I met along the way. As I got more prepared, my travels became a whole lot easier and I left a lot less open to chance.
At first, amassing these travel essentials was purely for my own benefit. But as people started to express interest and share their advice and experiences, it dawned on me that the pack I had created for myself could help others. I started to think about the thousands of young people who set off into the world every year, entirely unprepared for what awaits them.
Thus, Savvy Travels was born. I set about creating the most complete and thorough backpacking kit to help people just like me. Whether you’re a traveller yourself, or the parent of one, we take the guesswork out of preparing for a gap year or extended trip. We’ve spent hundreds of hours curating the perfect selection of essentials that will let you, or a loved one, explore the world and come back in one piece.
Just under a year later, we offer 3 different travel packs to cater for any adventure and hope to inspire people to travel further, knowing that whatever might come their way, Savvy Travels has got them covered.
To learn about the Savvy Travels Story in more detail, why not read our four part blog: Savvy Travels: The Journey so Far. If you want to hear more about our current projects and future plans, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Cam Kav, founder of Savvy Travels, selfie in San Blas Islands