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What travel insurance should I use? Check out our Savvy partnership with Pluto Insure

Savvy Travels aims to act as a backpacker’s right hand man, inspiring and encouraging people to make the most of their once in a lifetime travels, but also being reliable and trustworthy for when things (inevitably?) go wrong.
We at Savvy Travels do this by providing quality and dependable travel products and advice, in unique and savvy ways. So when the bad bits about travelling happen, Savvy Travels has your back, preventing these unfortunate situations becoming travel nightmares.
However, what happens if things go really wrong? You get very ill, your possessions get stolen or you need to fly back for a personal emergency?
That’s when your insurance provider comes in and it is vital to pick a good ‘un, which is why Savvy Travels has partnered with the exciting travel startup Pluto Insure.

Graphic explaing pluto travel insurance is for people who don't like insurance

Why Pluto?
  • Everything is written in plain English. So there’s no need to waste your time trawling through complicated insurance lingo, fearing that you are missing the small print designed to catch you out.
  • You can build a policy tailored to you. Don’t want gadget cover? don’t get it. Want extended travel disruption cover? Then add it. Really is as simple as that!
  • A claim can be submitted in less than 10 minutes from your phone. No paperwork, no to and fro emails with your insurance company. Just a simple process.
  • Pluto has partnered with Zurich Insurance who paid out on 99% of all their claims in 2017. On average, other insurers paid out only 87% of travel claims in 2016/17.
  • They’re committed to better travel in all forms, so with every policy they sell, they donate £1 to the Travel Foundation.
Pluto Travel Insurance being used on a smart phone
Who’s it for?
  • The annual cover is perfect for a backpacker who regularly goes on a series of trips throughout the year, with each trip lasting less than 45 days.
  • Single trip cover is great if you have a planned itinerary that is 180 days or less.
What is Savvy about it?
  • Savvy Travels particularly likes Pluto over and above the rest of the numerous travel insurance companies, because it’s easy to use (everything can be done on a phone) and it’s trustworthy. Being described as “Monzo for travel insurance”, it really is transforming the travel insurance industry, and is a great complement to the Savvy Travel Pack, together making you the ultimate savvy traveller.
Discount deal
As a result of our shared vision of making the bad bits about travel a lot better, Pluto has offered a discount to Savvy Travellers, giving you £10 off any of their policies! However, this offer only stands for two months, so get your insurance while you can.
Follow the following link:
Or use the discount code: “savvy-travels”
Offer ends 19/08/2019

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