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The Savvy Story began not so Savvy...

The Savvy Story began not very Savvy...

After graduating University, I was preparing to travel around the world for a year; a trip of a lifetime that would see me climb mountains in the Andes,

Climbing Huanyi Potosi in boliva with a Pic Axe

Scuba Dive off the Great Barrier Reef (with some big sharks!),

Scuba Diving with Bull Shark off of Great Barrier Reef

And jostle my way through the manic streets of Delhi.

Dancing in Deli for Ganesh Festival

Similar to many parents, mine were a tad apprehensive before my big adventure.

As preparation (…and I think a bit of a self-coping mechanism for them!), they gave me an odd assortment of travel items that they for some reason deemed essential, and insisted on me making sure they were at all times accessible "because you never know what’s around the corner."

Although I truly doubted whether I needed a mosquito net that was solely for my head, I reluctantly heeded to their advice, packed and off I went.

Firstly, and unsurprisingly, some of the items proved more ‘essential’ than others.

Secondly, I found that when I actually needed one of the items, they were never accessible; I had either left them in my hostel because I didn’t think I would need them, or not packed them in my day bag because I didn’t have enough space.

The more I travelled, the more savvy I became, and so I began assembling the actual essential items that a traveller will always need, which are the following:

Item Reasoning
Battery Bank

So you can always make emergency calls.

First Aid Kit Accidents happen and are especially common, and difficult to treat, while travelling.
Padlock To keep your valuables safe and to deter opportunistic thieves. Also required for many hostel lockers.
Aluminium Torch

Always useful to have, and a necessity if intending hiking/camping. Power outages are also surprisingly common in lots of countries.

Pen Knife Card

Incredibly useful item with 18 different features, including bottle openers, can openers, screwdriver and much more.

Waterproof Poncho

Protect yourself from any unexpected downpours.

Emergency Foil Blanket Even the simplest of trips can go awry, in which having a foil blanket could just save your life.
Sun Block Stick Stops you getting completely burnt and looking like a foolish tourist when you have forgotten your sun cream.
Ear Plugs

Block out snoring and all other noises from loud hostels, trains and buses.

Eye Mask Helps you catch up on sleep wherever you are and whatever the time of day.
Hand Sanitizer Gel

A basic level of hygiene is very difficult to keep on top of whilst travelling and will help prevent "Traveller's Tummy."

Insect Repellent Wipes Deters mosquitoes wherever applied (not just your face!) 
Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a surprisingly (and worryingly) rare commodity in a lot of countries, and it is not a nice feeling getting 'caught out.'

Pen Always useful when technology inevitably lets you down.
Emergency Phone Numbers for all 195 Countries Important to have access to the emergency services telephone number in the country you are travelling in, in case it is ever needed.
Spare Pocket

Different people require different personal items for travelling. For instance, there is room for an inhaler, paracetamol and in my case tea bags (very essential).

Savvy's Secret Pocket Keep hidden a: copy of your passport, copy of your insurance and some emergency US dollars.
However, there was still the vital issue of making it always accessible – what’s the point of having all these essentials if you can’t always use them when you need them?
Before a long bus journey from Lima to Cusco in Peru (over 24 hrs), I was tying my spare shoes to the outside of my backpack to free up much needed space in my backpack - and then it struck me that this savvy travellers trick needed to be replicated with these essential travel items. I therefore set about creating a Travel Pack, filled with all the real backpackers essential travel items (no mosquito head net I am afraid Mum & Dad), but always be accessible in a small, light, water-resistant pack that can be clipped on to anywhere on the outside of your day bag. Through multiple product testing (...I had to go travelling again for another year!) I created the Savviest Travel Pack possible.
Savvy Travel Pack clipped onto the outside of a backpack
The Savvy Travel Pack is custom made to the items, ensuring the pack is as small and light as possible, as well as being TSA approved so you can fly with it. The pack is strong, durable and water-resistant, ready to withstand the wear and tear of being externally clipped on to travellers’ backpacks, meaning you can forget about it, ignore it, but then when the moment arises that you need it, you can depend on it.
For more information on the contents of the Savvy Travel Pack and some savvy tips for each product, check out the link here.
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Welcome Home Banner for Cam Kav after travelling

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